Monthly Archives: November 2010

Watch this space…

I haven’t been here for a while. I haven’t run for about 3 weeks. Our house has been like an infirmary. It’s all very well when you’re ill, you look after yourself and get over it. It’s something else all together when you’re sick and you’re looking after a sick toddler and a sick baby. My husband and I have been using all our reserves to look after them and try and get ourselves better. Its not a process that is happening as quickly as either of us would like.

Right now I feel so drained. I think I have another virus. Stomach this time. Our toddler has also been ill this week and has developed chicken pox. So on top of this and trying to get into work I have had no time for training. Occasionally I have pangs of guilt that I haven’t trained but you know what? Sometimes there are other priorities and mine at the moment are to get my children better and to make sure I’m fully fit again. I don’t think I would benefit from trying to run right now. It would be a big fat fail.

So for now, forgive the lack of running. Watch this space. I will be back.