Monthly Archives: October 2010

Anti climax

Well I didn’t end up running the Cardiff Half Marathon. In the week leading up to it I became very unwell. A cold started to develop. A sniffly nose. A tickly throat. I did all I thought was possible to fend it off. I took Echinacea and disolvable vitamins. I took flu remedies and tried to drink lots of water. I managed to do both my tapering runs. On the Wednesday I thought I had managed to sweat the cold out of me with a short run. Alas it was not to be.

By the Thursday morning I was an absolute mess. My eyes and nose were streaming. My sinuses felt like they filled my entire head. I went to work but I was in terrible shape. It was not looking good. Friday I thought I was better. Saturday I was worse again. By Saturday evening I had taken the decision with a very heavy heart not to run. I wasn’t sleeping well and my cold was now a chest cold. Not a good condition to run 13 miles in.

I have reflected on my decision not to run. It is disappointing that all my training was in vain. I haven’t been able to find out whether I would be able to run that far in a race environment. I haven’t got an official half marathon time and I haven’t been able to run again yet because I’m still unwell. However even though I am disappointed I feel it would have been far worse if I had attempted to run. I’m sure I could have started it but I would have dropped out and for me that would leave me far more disappointed in myself.

So this time it wasn’t to be. It has been an anti climax and I haven’t achieved my goal of a half marathon. Once I feel better I’m going to get back out running and start to build on the distances I have already run. I know I can do the distance. I need to vary my sessions a bit more because just running for mileage is getting dull and I my think its improving my current ‘minute miling’ which is about 8 and a half now. I may join a club. We shall see but what I will be doing is getting on the internet to find myself a new race to run. This training can’t be for nothing. The Running Mummy will be back. Watch this space.

P.S After the Cardiff Half Marathon finished they discovered that the course was 193m short of the 13.1 mile distance. How gutting for those people. Got to feel for them. Hopefully the one I eventually do will be the legal distance!

Fitting it all in

I returned to work last week after my maternity leave. To say it was a shock to the system was an understatement. I’m not working five days but I’m fitting as many hours as I can into three days. This means leaving the house with the children really early and us all returning home in the evening quite late. I didn’t envisage doing any training last week and I certainly didn’t surprise myself. Last week I did absolutely nothing and it wasn’t long before the guilt kicked in.

Over the weekend I kept thinking about my lack of running. I made my excuses. I was tired mentally and physically from my return to work. It was dark in the evenings. I have to sort the boys out with their baths and get them to bed. There are chores to be done. How am I supposed to fit running in? I can’t *not* run, that’s not an option. I have a half marathon to do on the 17 October. How will I manage work, looking after the children and getting in some training?

I was continuing to treat this as a unsolveable problem but then came across an interview with Nell Mc Andrew in Women’s Running magazine. She is also a mum and loves running. In fact she’s a great runner, she can run a 1.26 half marathon. She had a few tips for getting in some running and one was finding a hill and just running up and down that. Well there is a hill at the back of my house. So on Sunday I got out and did 10 x 50m hill reps following a warm up. Another article in the magazine suggested that if you aren’t feeling like running set yourself realistic goals. For example aim to do just a short distance. So on Monday when I really didn’t feel up to it I went out and did a gentle 4 miler. Yesterday I suddenly felt inspired again and managed a really good steady undulating 6 miler. I felt awesome, and it was after work and it was in the dark! The excuses I had made for myself meant nothing anymore.

So I learnt this week that it is possible to be a working mother of two and fit in some decent running. I acknowledged my excuses, worked out why they were obstacles to my running and found a way round them. Being a little bit organised is one tip for me and maybe not being so worried about my chores is another. I also learnt that if I can’t fit in longer runs there is nothing to be lost from a short interval session in which I can work hard. What did I do tonight? Rest night tonight, I might go out tomorrow. Well I don’t want to over train do I?

Thanks to Women’s Running magazine for their tips!

Running ain’t that cheap

Running is proclaimed to be one of the cheapest activities you can possibly do. It’s free to go for a run or a walk, all you need is a pair of trainers. No gym fees, you don’t need fancy gear. Just you and the road. It’s true, running is free but is it really that cheap. The further into it you get the more expensive it can start to become.

Trainers are essentially all you need to run but those trainers can start from £30 and go up into the hundreds depending on your foot type, running style and whether you want to be stylish. To be honest once you’ve run through a few puddles all trainers turn the same shade of grey but at the time of purchase we all like something that’s appealing to the eye.

For us girl’s we need a couple of decent sports bras and some kit which if you’re like me you want duplicates if you like what you’ve bought. If something’s in the wash you want to be able to dive into the drawer and go. Running socks or trainer liners. Nobody wants to run in their black work socks. It’s starting to mount up now.

Then there’s the changing seasons. Gloves, long tights, long-sleeved tops, jackets, high vis kit, hats. The list goes on and the credit card feels the pain. Obviously you shop around and find the best deals but still it all starts to mount up. My problem is I love a good shop anyway and now that I’m enjoying running again I don’t want to stop because of a bit of cold weather. I just need the kit and an excuse to buy a pretty pink high visibility rip sleeve jacket.

It’s not just the running fashion that batters your credit card though. There are other costs to add such as race fees, travel costs and club fees (however if you are affiliated with a club you get a reduced fee on most race entries). So going for a run, like the best things in life, is free, but those sparkly Nikes and that weather proof track suit certainly isn’t. I’m not looking forward to the next credit card bill.