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Time for a change of blog.

With time everything changes and things evolve. I have wanted to change the blog for some time but I don’t feel able to just go self hosted or build my own website. The reason I want to change is that as my blog has grown my writings about running have moved in a different direction to my original idea for this blog. I thought this blog would be a parenting blog combined with some running but as things have progressed my writing is almost exclusively about running.

For that reason I feel that the title of this blog doesn’t necessarily reflect it’s content so today I named a new wordpress blog and moved the majority of the relevant posts across. It took some time and a lot of tea but I now have a blog name that I am much happier with. No doubt there will be posts about running and my children from time to time. My childrenare so intertwined with most of the things that I do, that it is a given that this will happen on the new blog. However I do feel that it’s time to wind down this blog and move across to my new blog: Run My Own Way. Format wise it’s not dramatically different. It was about the name change more than anything.

I am grateful to the followers I have on this blog and all the lovely comments that I have received. I am lucky that the majority have been constructive and supportive. I am also thankful to this blog for helping me to connect with the amazing people of our fantastic running community. Without this blog I would not have been able to read the fantastic fitness and running journeys of so many others, taken part in the Run With An Idea debate or attended Write This Run.

If you wish to follow me over to the new blog it will be at http://www.runmyownway.wordpress.com. Or if you don’t fancy following me across you can still catch up with me on Twitter: @Kat_Rocket.

Thank you again for following Running Mum’s journey and keep on running.