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My Running Obsessions This Week

There have been many running related topics rushing around my brain this week. I have many things I want to blog about at length but for my first post this week I wanted to share some of the running related subjects I’ve been getting excited about! I’m still officially injured so I’m allowed, indulge me.


Following my back injury the gluteal muscles on the right side are no longer buns of steel, more like buns of jelly. Pain has inhibited the muscles so much that my glutes are quivering at the top of my thigh in fear of all exercise. For runner’s this isn’t a good thing. In basic terms our glutes help with weight transference from trunk to lower limb, stabilise our pelvis and help with our propulsion. Right now I can barely single leg squat on my right. So my new rehab obsession to get back to running is working my glutes like they are the latest running revolution and everyone’s talking about them. My glutes need a BOOST (sorry Adidas).

Avocados and Pine Nuts

In between all the hen weekends, birthday celebrations and weddings I’ve had recently I have, honestly, been trying to eat healthily while my body heals and repairs. I have no idea if avocados are good for runners but I know they have plenty of the ‘good fats’. Pine nuts are full of protein for repair and I’ve been combining both of these in chicken spinach salads or popping the whole lot in a pitta or wrap. When you’re injured it’s all too easy to eat junk but these foods have been a tasty alternative to hitting the cookie jar.

Lorna Jane Active

Lorna Jane is an Australian brand that is now available in the UK via Active Instyle. Their designs provide a feminine twist on the standard running gear of vests, capris and tights. Adding mantras to their clothes give them an added bad ass runner girl feel. I’ve just purchased the ‘Determined’ sports bra and I’ll be blogging about it once I’ve given it a jog round the block.

determined bra

European Indoor Championships

The 32nd European Athletics Indoors Championships will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden over the weekend of 1-3 March. The buzz is building quite nicely for me with the UK indoor trials and last weekend’s Birmingham Grand Prix event. On the weekend we saw Olympic GB athletes like Mo Farah smash it. Today British Athletics announced a strong looking team although they failed to include any male 1500m runners. Paula Radcliffe was on Twitter slamming this as ‘totally ridiculous’ and I have to agree. GB have plenty of decent male middle distance runners. Seems a shame not to field any. They can’t blame Charles Van Commenee for any selection mishaps this time!

Jenny Meadows

Jenny Meadows missed last year’s track season through injury but she’s back! She made her comeback at the Birmingham Grand Prix on the weekend and has been announced as captain of the GB & NI team going to Gothenburg. Jenny goes as defending champion having won the 800m two years ago. Jenny is a talented, tenacious athlete and it’s exciting to see her back!

Go Jenny, go Jenny! Picture from britishathletics.org.uk

Mary Cain

Mary Cain is a 16 year old high school student from New York. Mary Cain is a middle distance runner. Mary Cain is coached by Alberto Salazar, the same man who coaches double Olympic champion Mo Farah. Mary Cain is breaking records all over the place and can run 1500m in 4.11.01. Mary Cain is 16 YEARS OLD. The world of running needs to get excited about Mary Cain. I hope she’s the real deal and I hope as she develops, she’ll be looked after and we’ll see her competing on the European circuit. There’s a strong team of U20 women in the UK right now too so female middle and long distance running has some exciting prospects in the years leading up to Rio 2016.

Mary Cain. Image from nationalscolastic.org

So these are my running obsessions this week. Happy training.