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Running Gear Lust: Back Away From Black

I know I get fed up with women’s running leggings almost being exclusively black and from seeing running ladies chat on Twitter I know I’m not alone. There does seem to be a trend towards black and pink where women’s running gear is concerned, as in the t-shirts are pink and the leggings are *snore* black. I’m not sure if sports companies ever listen to their customers but WE WANT OTHER OPTIONS!

Fortunately I’m here to let you know that some retailers are starting to branch out into the colour spectrum where t-shirts and leggings are concerned. I’ve found a few of my favourites to share but I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want something a little bit different the internets is more likely to come up with the goods than the High Street. That goes for some of the specialist running shops too.

First up is my go to brand for the majority of my running gear: Nike. Nike, oh Nike, how I love thee so. Having a scroll through their new releases there are a variety of colour choices in both tops and bottoms.

nike 2

I love the Nike Legend Print Tight Poly Capris which come in black and grey or pink. Another colourful option would be the Nike Relay capris. These aren’t even available in black, instead Nike have produced these in purple, pink and my personal favourite, yellow.


The Nike Relay print capris which I have in the grey print are available in red. The pattern is pretty funky and dazzles your eyes if you look at it for too long! I’m loving Nike’s colour palette for their work out gear. With Nike you needn’t where any black at all or you could dress entirely in black. Your call.

I popped the latest copy of Zest in my trolley and was rather taken by the yellow leggings on the front cover. Info on the front cover led me to a brand I was totally unaware of called Hey Jo. They produce two styles of workout leggings in Italian jersey. They aren’t just for working out though. They are so luxe that Hey Jo says pair them with a pair of heels for that catwalk Sports Luxe look (yeah, I won’t ever be doing that). The colours though are amazing and only one black pair in sight. They do an amazing yellow pair which you can see below (I must have a thing for yellow right now). They are a bit on the pricey side for work out gear but good news, there is a sale on at the moment giving 30% off their tights.


I don’t often look at Sweaty Betty’s site but I thought I’d check it out in my search for running gear porn. The trend over there was still towards black for leggings (I mean how many types of plain black leggings can you sell?) but I spotted these funky patterned numbers. I have heard that Sweaty Betty leggings are on the long side, a bit like Thoosa leggings, so these might be more for the amazonian runners amongst you. Not sure about the matchy matchy top, looks a bit onesie for my taste, However the pattern reminds me of Fairisle which makes me think of winter jumpers which means these could be perfect for winter running. I’m an enabler, you’re welcome.

sweaty betty SN0168_BrightMulti_2

Shopping around other stores online I came across a pair of pink running tights on Sweatshop’s site for half price in their sale but sadly that was about it for non black leggings on their site. The  No Balls site has leggings with leopard print touches but they are still predominantly black.

So it appears you don’t have to stick with black leggings if you shop around. It does seem though that Nike are yet again at the forefront or if you want a choice of colour you may have to go to the high end price wise. All I know from writing this post is that I now want some yellow leggings or capris. A post injury gift to myself perhaps. At this rate there’s going to be a lot of those ‘gifts’.