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Athletics Makes Me Cry

I never thought I would ever be able to say that Sean Connery and I have something in common but apparently we do: athletics makes us cry. In an interview which you can read described here, Sir Sean is asked what makes him cry and after a pause he gives his reply. Athletics. I first read that he had said this in Running With The Kenyans. I got to this sentence in the book and I re-read it a couple of times knowing exactly what he meant.

I basically cried throughout the entire athletics programme, Olympics and Paralympics during London 2012. There was a permanent lump in my throat and more often than not tears flowed. Maybe it’s because I’ve always tried to follow athletics so I’ve read personal interviews about injury heartache, lost opportunities and devastating losses. So when I watch these people do well at the event that they’ve poured their body and soul into and you can see the delight and relief all at once, it makes my spine tingle and my eyes water.

Of course there are iconic moments in athletics and it is almost impossible to pick one moment over another. They are all special for different reasons: Kelly Holmes winning double gold after all her injury problems. Cathy Freeman winning in Sydney with 100,000 people screaming her name, Jonny Peacock punching the air after winning the 100m. All of these videos can make me emotional. There is one video though that never fails to make me cry and it is this one:

What’s the athletics or indeed sporting moment that leaves you with a lump in your throat?