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Time for a change of blog.

With time everything changes and things evolve. I have wanted to change the blog for some time but I don’t feel able to just go self hosted or build my own website. The reason I want to change is that as my blog has grown my writings about running have moved in a different direction to my original idea for this blog. I thought this blog would be a parenting blog combined with some running but as things have progressed my writing is almost exclusively about running.

For that reason I feel that the title of this blog doesn’t necessarily reflect it’s content so today I named a new wordpress blog and moved the majority of the relevant posts across. It took some time and a lot of tea but I now have a blog name that I am much happier with. No doubt there will be posts about running and my children from time to time. My childrenare so intertwined with most of the things that I do, that it is a given that this will happen on the new blog. However I do feel that it’s time to wind down this blog and move across to my new blog: Run My Own Way. Format wise it’s not dramatically different. It was about the name change more than anything.

I am grateful to the followers I have on this blog and all the lovely comments that I have received. I am lucky that the majority have been constructive and supportive. I am also thankful to this blog for helping me to connect with the amazing people of our fantastic running community. Without this blog I would not have been able to read the fantastic fitness and running journeys of so many others, taken part in the Run With An Idea debate or attended Write This Run.

If you wish to follow me over to the new blog it will be at http://www.runmyownway.wordpress.com. Or if you don’t fancy following me across you can still catch up with me on Twitter: @Kat_Rocket.

Thank you again for following Running Mum’s journey and keep on running.


Write This Run, Running and Blogging.

As I drove home from Sunday’s inaugural Write This Run event I was full of regret. Did I regret going to Write This Run? Not at all, my regret was lots of little regrets: I hadn’t spoken to this person or that person. I had neglected to take more pictures. That I didn’t chat to Liz and Laura more (although I think they were run off their feet) and that I didn’t give more people hugs!

I’ve been blogging on and off for 3 years. I started off my blogging journey with a parenting blog but it never felt like quite the right fit for me. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the bones of my children but I never felt right about sharing it with the world. Running Mum had sat on the sidelines for a while and a few months ago, despite being injured, I deleted the parenting blog and decided to have a real crack at my running blog. This I have no regrets about doing.

Since dedicating my blog life to my running blog I have had my eyes opened to a wonderful community of people. People who are just as passionate about running as I am. A running community that throughout my injury sent me well wishes and lovely messages encouraging me not to give up. On Sunday I got to meet some of these people in real life, and even though it’s always nervy meeting strangers off the internet, there was no anti-climax. Everyone I met in the room at Write This Run was as genuine, warm and friendly as I thought they would be. Write this Run itself was a fantastic day and I learned new things but also had some things confirmed to me that I think I already knew, back there in the recesses of my subconscious.

Phillipa Moore who writes super blog Skinny Latte Strikes Back talked about being honest and having integrity. I found myself nodding along in agreement as I’ve always tried to be honest on this blog and being dishonest here never made sense. A bit like lying about your 5k PB, you’re always going to get found out so why lie?

She also spoke about content and that having good content will bring people back. This has always been a concern of mine as I’ve never quite believed that I have good content and that readers would want to come and read my blog. It still amazes me when I have comments. So content may be something that I need to continue to work on i.e. blog about something other than being injured, I mean come on, BOOOOORING!

PR stuff and stats still boggle me and I was glad that so many other bloggers, including Phillipa, stated that they really don’t worry about hits or back links or how many people have read something. It still comes back to content and blogging with honesty and integrity. Blogging and the idea that you get free stuff still feels weird to me. I still don’t feel confident approaching PR’s so I was really glad that there are bloggers out there who don’t take this approach to their sites.

Rhalou Allerhand glitter disco pant wearer and runner blogger extraordinaire had me in absolute stitches as she decribed her journey from porn hack to running magazine goddess. I have followed Rhalou on Twitter for ages and ages and we had a very all too brief chat towards the end of the day. The girl should write a book about her running adventures in the mountains and one regret of the day is that I didn’t give her the hug that I should have done. Next time Rhalou!

Kevin Betts AKA 52 Marathon Man spoke to us about his running journey with such passion and humour that I was thrown from laughter to tears and back again. His talk resonated with me on such a personal level that I had to gulp down some rather large sobs as I remembered one of the main reasons that I started running again. Depression hit my husband so hard and has affected our family in so many ways that running became my coping mechanism and a source of strength for me. It was refreshing to hear someone talk about such an important yet taboo subject in such a candid way.

From a professional point of view I was thrilled to listen to both Donna DeWick and Karen Weir. It was inspirational to listen to Donna and how she went from a diagnosis that for some individuals would have meant the end of all physical exertion to Paratriathlete. Classifying Para-athletes is something that I would like to do as a Physiotherapist so it was a real privilege to get an insight into Donna’s life as an athlete.

Karen’s talk gave me a real buzz and I may have felt a bit smug as she confirmed for me what I firmly believe: we don’t have to go barefoot if we don’t want to. (Yes, in your face barefoot preachers! Too much?) I thought her talk about the technical aspects were excellent and put across in such a way that a beginner could easily take up running with her tips.

There were of course other great speakers and to round off a fantastic line up we were presented with Scott Overall, Team GB Olympic Marathon runner. He gave a very relaxed talk about his running history: from a kid at a local school competing in cross country, training with Mo Farah as a junior right through to the Olympics last year. He also gave us an insight into his plans for this season, which will see him make a return to the track. Scott’s talk made me all nostalgic about the Feltham Arena track which shut down many years ago (er what legacy *cough*) and I was lucky enough to catch him for a very brief chat about Feltham and our old coaches.

Following Scott’s talk we got the chance to follow the Olympian round the grounds on a 5k run. I’m sure some of us *looks at Cat Simpson* could have kept up with him but a group of us stuck together and had a really nice chat while we ran, being watched by the deer who were clearly wondering what the humans were up to. During this run I yelled ‘Flake and Cake’ at poor Claire. She must have wondered who this nutter was shouting her blog name at her but I’d spied her all day and it finally came to me who she was *dur*.

This ended our day at Write This Run. I drove up the mile long track from the golf club to the main road but as I did I stopped and gave Laura from Life Laura London a lift to the gate as it was tipping down with rain. We had a very quick chat and as she jumped out all the little regrets started. I wish I’d got to chat to Laura and so many other people. Write This Run was a brilliant day and it made me keen for more running and I was left craving more events like this.

A huge thank you to Liz and Laura who had this idea, without them we wouldn’t have been brought together. I hope that the next person Liz stalks in Bushy is my hero Sonia O’ Sullivan. She’s a regular at Bushy Parkrun *hint hint, nudge nudge*.

It was a pleasure to meet and chat to the people that I did and I really hope we can meet up at another running/blogger event. I felt a bit sad hugging Cat and Mrs B goodbye but I was equally as happy to have met them. It really was a great day and I know that we all left inspired and for me a renewed enthusiasm for running and blogging.

Find more information about future Write This Run events at http://www.writethisrun.co.uk! Go, do it now UK people!

Running Obsessions This Week


Yes just running. I’m gradually getting over my injury and I have run about 4 times now. I started with a route that’s about 2.5 miles but I built up to a 4.5 mile run on the weekend. In the dark, in the freezing cold. This is how desperate I am to run right now. For the following days I had DOMS but I welcomed it. I haven’t had DOMS for so long, that deliciously painful twinge in your quads as you walk downstairs. Usually I would curse it but it was a sign that I had managed to do some exercise. I wouldn’t say I’m ‘back’ yet but I feel like I might be getting somewhere. The only thing now is that I can’t stop thinking about running, where I’m going to run and when I’m going to be able to run.

She Runs Windsor

As I’m starting to get back into things I decided I needed a running goal to focus on. For months I’ve been in a running limbo. A running no man/woman land. March and April races were far too close so I looked for something in May and this race came up. It is long enough away for me to get some training in but not too far away for me to flounder and become demotivated. It will hopefully encourage me to stick with rehab and training.

I didn’t fancy signing up for a half marathon or marathon right now as confidence is still low but this 10k in Windsor Great Park in May looked like a great re-introduction to racing. I’ll be able to take the family and it should be a nice course. If you’re in the market for a women only race then go to http://www.sherunswindsor.com and sign up. Hurry up though, until tonight it is £25 to enter, after midnight it will be £29. Excited!


I sing in praise of Physios. Yes I am a physio but this is about being on the other side of the plinth. NHS physios, Private physios, sports physios, to you us runner’s are grateful for listening to us, treating us and never saying I told you so when we fail to follow the advice given. Three cheers for all the physios out there who get us back out the door running.

Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8

Imagine you bring home a pair of pure white Asics Trainers. Imagine you have left an open case of felt pens in the room. Imagine your children got hold of the pens and attacked the pure white trainers. I think you’d come back to something like this!

I am OBSESSED with these trainers  A little chat on Twitter revealed that even though they are stated to be Triathlon racers there are a lot of runners who have these. If I could have these I think I’d be tempted to take up triathlon. I think they’d be fab for the St Lucia Triathlon I’ve just heard about. So Asics if you can hear my thoughts send me these and I might consider taking up triathlon. Honest, I would. I’d even go and buy a bike.

Mo Farah

The post race interview that Mo Farah gave with a US TV channel exploded on social media after his record breaking win in New Orleans. The poor woman interviewing clearly has never heard of Mo. Or the Olympics possibly. I also wonder whether she was aware of Google. But anyway despite the clear lack of knowledge by the interviewer Mo was polite and styled it out, showing again what a nice guy he is. He even defended her on Twitter after the poor woman got trolled. Good for him!

His Twitter feed also gave me giggles in the week. Being a double Olympic champion doesn’t protect you from the mishaps of parenthood. He managed to fall asleep with all his children on the sofa while his wife was out. Comical panic ensued on her return. If you’re not already following him on Twitter then you really should.

Running Blogs and Runners on Twitter

I am loving the world of running blogs and the running people I’ve chatted to via Twitter. So much so that I signed up to the running blogging event Write This Run. It’s looking to be a great day of listening to experts talking about running and blogging. Via the organisers Liz and Laura I’ve come across some fantastic bloggers and Twitter people. Marathon Widow DiariesMind Over Matter and Flake and Cake are only three of the blogs that I’m really enjoying. Check out my blog roll for other great exercise and running blogs.

The social media running chat is also addictive. It varies from interval sessions, miles covered, advice about training kit to hysterical chats about toilet habits during long runs or races. You probably had to be there eh!

If you’re looking to follow some runner’s on Twitter just check out the people I’m following or search the hashtags running or runchat. Do it. Do it now!

Here endeth my running obsessions this week!


Running: My Friend

When I saw the question what does running mean to me I struggled. Right now I’m injured and I haven’t run for *does mental calculation and counting on hands* gazillion  eight or nine weeks. It seems like forever so thinking about running, the running I’m not able to do and the potential races I’m missing makes me incredibly sad. What I should do is flip this and look at it from an injured runner’s perspective.

Running is like a good friend. Running has been there for me through good times and bad, the highs and the lows. Running was there to help me through the rough time I had trying to support my husband through his depression. Running was there after my children were born to help me through my occasional baby blues, discover the ‘old’ me and put the ‘mum’ me to one side for about an hour. Running was there when I required a much needed confidence boost. At times running has helped my own mental health and that is why I think it means so much.

Running has given me moments of joy and elation. Running has made me leave my comfort zone and has lead me to travel the UK to find myself outside comfort and in that special zone that only runners know about. I am grateful for what running has brought me. So not running right now is like gradually losing contact with someone I have been close to for many years and it’s hard. I feel like a bad friend of running and that soon I won’t be able to refer to myself as a runner any more.

To try and stay close to running I have attempted to maintain contact through material things: buying running gifts that I cannot use right now. But that just makes me feel a bit empty. It’s just running stuff and it is not a substitute. I watch people running on the TV on the odd occasion it may be on but this pulls at my heart strings too. Buying running magazines seems to be difficult, as if I’m watching my friend enjoy something that I cannot be part of.

But then there are the blogs of other runners which seem different. Keeping in touch with running by reading about what other people are up to, their running journeys and their highs and lows. Their races, their training and sadly their injuries too. I have discovered that blogs can help me keep in touch with running through other runners. Even though it occasionally makes me want to tear my hair out and cry with frustration, it also makes me want to cheer people on to their well deserved goals too.

Blogging about running myself has also helped me document achievements and the unfortunate depths of injury. As I continue I hope to document more of my training runs as I return so I can go back and reflect and adapt and change as running needs me to. Because sometimes all relationships need work.

I have been running for a long time and running means so much to me: my solace, my sanity, my health, my fitness but blogging is a new addition to it that I think might be a nice fit. I don’t think I have many readers but the comments I have had have always been supportive and at times given a much needed boost. A bit like my Nike Air Pegasus that are gathering dust in the cupboard *sob*. I don’t want this injury to be my last memory of running and I don’t want my blog to be injury focussed so I hope, really hope, that I can be back with my friend running soon.