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Hot Lips for Running.

Look at this. My new discovery. I’ve been using it as my new daily lip gloss instead of my usual vaseline tin but it dawned on me. This could be the perfect lip protector for those long winter runs. Not tested on animals, 100% lanolin and with added SPF to protect against the winter sun. Plus an added red tint because you never know who you might run into out there.

20130117_153015I bought this tube of Lanolips in Boots for £8.16. It is a little bit on the expensive side but you literally need just a pin head amount to cover your lips so it should last a while. If you don’t fancy the red of this Apples shade then there are other shades of pink and nude plus the Lemonaid Lip Aid with Lemon Oil which just sounds yummy. And in Boots stores and online this week there was an offer to get 300 extra Boots card points on every Lanolips purchase. Bonus!

So there you are ladies and gentleman. Protect your lips from the wind and frost while maintaining your running foxiness. I may be injured but I’m still thinking of all things running.

Good luck out there if you are marathon/half marathon training folks. I hope to be joining you all out there again soon.

NB: this was not a sponsored post, just something I found that I thought was cool and wanted to share with all you running lovelies. I also want to credit Sali Hughes’ amazing Facebook group Get The Look which is where I first heard about Lanolips. Fantastic group with brilliant beauty tips. If beauty is your thing or you want to learn more, like I did, then look it up!