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Run Wild!

I am a big fan of animal print. Not in a really obvious Bet from Coronation Street way (I hope) but in that a little touch of animal print can really help an outfit to pop a bit. I have a muted grey leopard print cardigan, three pairs of animal print shoes in different styles and a couple of tops (ok I do sound like Bet).

However I’m very pleased to say that some of the running retailers seem to agree with me regarding animal prints. I’m a huge fan of something a little bit different on my bottom half and it turns out that this post has ended up with a slight lean towards the well dressed legs department. Here’s some of the really wild gear that I’m coveting (just coveting, I’m trying to be good!).

Adidas have a number items in animal print, including their higher end Stella McCartney range but I think the less expensive items are just as nice. They’ve brought out their ‘perfect fit’ three quarter length tights in new prints and shades. I have two pairs of these capris from a previous range and I vouch for them. They are possibly the most comfortable capris I’ve ever trained/run in. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Ok, I don’t think these are strictly ‘animal print’ but the graphic print from a distance and in this grey hue looks a little bit like snake print


Check out these capris. Zebra print. ZEBRA PRINT! You can pretend you’re galloping across the savannah in Africa during your runs.


Women’s Techfit Perfect Fit Three-Quarter Tights available £25.00 at http://www.adidas.co.uk.

Nike are always in there with the trends and they have a splash of animal print in their running collection.


I have these tempo printed boyshorts (£22 from http://www.store.nike.com) and I love them. I bought them in a small but I think if I had them again I would buy them in extra small (actually I did, but the courier company lost the package and Nike were EXCELLENT in dealing with the problem and giving me a refund). The fit came up a bit big on me round the waist band and it gaped, so I would suggest trying them on and committing to fitted and then some. I have to admit the shape of the shorts and the print did make me feel a bit hot stuff. Perfect for a speed session.

Puma have a wild cat as their logo so why not some wild cat themed gear. They have a few items in animal print including these sweat pants (£40 from http://www.shop.puma.com), perfect for cooling down after a hard session…..I guess. Not entirely sure I could go for strolling down the street in these but lounging about at home in them I could possibly manage. Their lifestyle shoe collection of trainers and high tops also have splashes of animal print. And to celebrate Usain Bolt’s World Championships win, Puma have an offer on: buy 2 items and get 50% off the second item with the code bolt100. 

Animal print does tend to have it’s negative associations style wise but I think these pieces are fun and not too in your face. And let’s face it, a splash of animal print in the middle of a tough run will just make us ladies look all the tougher. Like Tarzan’s Jane if she took up marathon running. I definitely fancy saving up for the zebra print capris but I may have to start a one in, one out policy with the running gear like I do with my shoes. Why do the running gear giants do this to me? (I love it really).