Big Runners, Little Runners

My 4 year old wasn’t overly enamoured by the fact his class mates were going to a minis rugby session. Despite having a father who is a massive rugby fan and being born in Wales he’s really not fussed by the game with the funny shaped ball. In fact the other night he said to me:

‘Mum, I don’t want to do rugby or football. I can ride my bike now, I can swim and I can run so I want to do the ‘Lympics’.

I wasn’t sure whether he meant as individual sports or altogether. Does he know what a triathlon is? I’m sure he doesn’t but who knows, we were avid watchers of the Olympics last summer and we watched triathlon so maybe it’s hidden away in his subconscious.

Anyhow I’m not going to push him. He loves swimming and he’ll carry on doing it for as long as he loves it . He still asks to come running with me but he’s a bit small yet. In the meantime I’ve bought him his own little trainers which he’s christened his ‘Super Fast Running Shoes’. I’m sure when the time comes and he’s old enough he won’t be interested in running with me any more!

2013-03-06 14.30.41






6 thoughts on “Big Runners, Little Runners

  1. PDX Running Chick

    Very sweet. You never know. He might find his happiness running with his mum — and as he grows, while he may run with others, and alone, he will remember and crave the special runs with just you. Enjoy it, cherish it, as I know you do. I love the picture of the shoes. 🙂

  2. Helen Rothwell

    Aw they are so sweet, it’s so important for our kids to see us enjoy exercise and to encourage them to join in with us. It must be lovely to have this shared interest, I’m sure you could go out with him for a 500m run around the park as a serious run to him IYSWIM.

    1. kat_rocket Post author

      Ha, maybe, he’s got a little brother running after him all the time so they could very well both be the next Brownlee brothers!


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