After illness

I had a cold last week. One of those annoying head colds that gives you a headache and makes your nose and eyes stream. You know you’re not actually that ill but walking up the stairs feels like you’re hiking up a steep hill. Your body feels like lead. That was how I felt last week and thats why I decided to give running a miss for a few days. It actually turned into something like a week. It was partly self preservation and partly lack of motivation.

So at the end of last week I decided to go for a short run round the block. It was absolutely hideous. It was a 3 mile loop I’ve done many times before but on this occasion it felt like I was pulling a tyre behind me. I hate those runs after a cold but they’ve got do be done. After this run I reflected on why I might have been finding it so difficult to get back into my usual training after such a minor ailment. I have thought up a plan for my overall health and fitness and here’s what I think it could or should entail.

1. I need iron. I have a tendency to be very anaemic and my iron was particularly low after my second child was born. I hate iron tablets, they give me awful side effects, so I need an alternative. I read an interview with Lisa Dobriskey the GB athlete and she takes a supplement called Spatone which is a natural supplement. I need to give this a go. I also need to drink more fresh orange juice as this will help absorption of the iron

2. I need to drink more water. I cheat and tell myself that cups of tea count, but they don’t. I need to hydrate properly so I shall try to drink more water. You can’t exercise effectively if you’re dehydrated.

3. I need to eat better. I’m a busy mummy of two boys, one of two and one of six months and I tend not to have my own meal at lunch time because I’m trying to sort them out. By the time they are sorted I end up having a quick snack. Again this is no good if I’m training in the evening as I usually do. No food means no energy. I need to be better at eating through the day and I need to eat my five fruit and vegetables a day.

So these are the things I need to improve on. They won’t stop me getting a cold but the effects of the cold might not be as bad and hopefully I’ll recover more quickly and get back to training sooner.


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