Getting started

So that first run I mentioned. Well it was the hardest run I have ever done and how far was it? All of a mile and a half. It took me twenty minutes. Twenty minutes! When I was a teenager I could run a 1500m in under 5 minutes. Ridiculous I thought to myself. My chest was burning, each breath I took in was like fire and I felt like I was pulling a car along behind me. My comeback wasn’t meant to be like this!

My husband the realistic one relayed these facts to me. I already knew them but I think I needed to hear them:

1) I had only had a baby less than three months previously.

2) Baby T was born by caesarean section for which there is a long recovery and healing period.

3) I hadn’t done any cardiovascular exercise other than pregnancy yoga and the last time I had been running properly was when our eldest was about 6 months old (I then broke my arm, went back to work, running disappeared).

So to sum up baby related body changes, major abdominal surgery and basic loss of fitness due to forced inactivity. Right, ok. Maybe I was slightly optimistic about how the first run should go.

After that first run I didn’t run for about a week. I then tried again and I could run a bit longer. Then a bit further and then I dared to venture away from the blocks of houses where we live to do a 2-3 mile run. It hasn’t been pretty and its been hard and I have wondered why I’m bothering but afterwards I’m glad I’ve done it.

So I’ve started running again and I’ve entered the ballot for the London Marathon so I have something to aim for. It’s all going to go swimmingly. Right?


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